Corporate law

We advise important commercial companies in fields related to commercial companies and other types of corporate associations; we offer legal counsel from their founding onwards, we advise them both on ordinary internal corporate changes as well as more complex corporate issues, such as changes to the legal organizational form through mergers, takeovers and dissolutions. We also offer clients in various corporate roles, such as members of boards of directors or supervisory boards, shareholders or partners, legal counsel with a view to pursuing their particular legal and commercial interests.

Location and contact

Our offices are located in the heart of Ljubljana, specifically in the Palace “Evropa”, a fine example of the historicist architecture of architect Carl Tietz, one of the architects of Vienna’s celebrated Ring.

The close and direct proximity of all important judicial, administrative and other institutions enables us to pursue the interests of our clients quicky and effectively.

Odvetniška družba Podjed, Kahne in partnerji o.p.-d.o.o.
Štefanova 13A
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

tel: +386 1 43 00 310
fax: +386 1 43 00 320


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